Numerology is a belief that there is a divine relation between numbers and an individual. Numerology associates someone with a certain number and it is believed that everyone has a specific number attached to them and that knowledge of this number will help you live a better life. It is not clear when numerology existed although believers in numerology have existed as early as 470 B.C. In fact Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician is known to be the father of modern numerology.

It is believed that through numerology, one is able to know their full character. They are able to know all their strengths and weaknesses. By knowing numerology, one is able to live a better, fuller life. The knowledge of numerology and the power to associate certain events with numbers can be of great help when making major decisions. Such decisions include embarking on a certain career path, hiring employees, the best time to marry and even whether to change jobs or not. In fact, numerology can help you understand the people you work with or live with better. This can help you improve on difficult work relationships.

For you to understand how numerology can help you live a better life, you first have to understand how numerology works. Numerology works like some sort of a formula. The formula requires you to find your life path number. The knowledge of your life path number will help you understand yourself and make decisions better because certain character traits are associated with these life path numbers. There are eleven life path numbers. These are 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 and 22. You need your full names and your birth date to know your life path number. Summation of numbers associated with your birth date helps you know your life path number. Summation of numbers of your full name will help you know more about your personality. Below is an insight into what each life path number means as per an individual’s personality.

Life path number one.

These are individuals who is very confident about themselves. They know what they want and go after them with a single-minded vision.

Life path number two.

Individuals with life path number two are easy going, comforting and nurturing. They make good parents, teachers and mentors.

Life path number three.

These are individuals who are talkative, outgoing. They have a persuasive and engaging nature that makes them extremely fun to be with.

Life path number four.

These are individuals who are best s=described as strict followers of the book. They live by the rules and keep their goals in mind at all times.

Life path number five.

These are individuals who like things that are rare and uncommon. They are open minded and take time to learn and accept things which are unacceptable such as cults.

Life path number six.

These are individuals who are easy going. They are not up tight but they know how to achieve the right balance of equilibrium.

Life path number seven.

These are individuals who are extremely psychic. They thirst for knowledge which pushes them to learn more, read more and generally acquire more knowledge.

Life path number eight.

These are individuals who are go-getters. People who strive to achieve great things.

Life path number nine.

These are individuals who are humanitarians. They care about the welfare of others.

Life path number eleven.

These are individuals who guided by their sense of truth and justice.

Life path number twelve.

These are individuals who combines all the best traits of all preceding life path numbers.

Knowledge of your life path number will thus help you live a better life and make better decisions. It goes without saying that numerology helps you become a better you and helps you make better decisions that will help improve your life.

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