Ways You Can Use Basic Numerology

Do you ever think seriously about numbers? Yes, they are meaningful and it is not by coincidence that a particular pattern always follows you. Think of your birthday and you will notice that there is something unique about the numerals in it. Someone once said, “There is power in numbers and if only we knew to understand them”.

There are those who claim some luck or unlucky numbers in their lives. For you, which are these numbers that bring luck or spell doom? This article appreciates the power of numerals and thus reveals some ways to use basic numerology;

Using numbers to make a decision or plan for an event

Numbers are magical and have a way of passing a message. If you have some numbers that keep following you then you need to read in between the lines. Take time to analyse the pattern of these numbers and use them to make a decision or set a date for an event.

Understand people using numbers

You would be able to live well with your family and friends if you understood them better. But is there a better way to understand each of the people in your social circles than using numbers? For instance, take a look at their zodiac signs and the numbers in them. For instance, someone with Leo sign would love fun and being pampered. Look at numbers that keep popping in your way when you are with someone and you will solve the mystery of understanding those close to you even before they open up to you.

Connecting with your spiritual guides

When you are walking to work or even when taking a leisure walk in your neighborhood, you may be treated to a constant appearance of numbers. Trees and objects are forming patterns of numbers. That is a message for you. You can use this chance to explore your spiritual life and lead a better life. Appreciate those numbers when they appear and open your door to your inner being.

Numbers can be sending danger warnings

Every time before something bad happens to you some combination of numbers may keep appearing. It has been happening for some time but you have never taken notice. It is not a coincidence at all; you are being warned of an imminent danger. Get away from a place or leave what you are doing if such numbers keep appearing. They never happen every time but only when you are in danger.

Use your lucky numbers when you bet

If you are in betting you may be luckier if you can find an easy way around numbers. There are those numbers that usually appear when you are about to strike a lucky streak. Use them as you make bets. People will be amazed by your easy ways to pick numbers.

Numbers are indispensable in your life. They tend to send messages in a coded way and if you can decipher them your life would be better. Learn to pay attention to patterns of numbers in your life. They may be your lucky codes to keep you winning and leading a happy life.

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