What does your name have to do with numerology?

Numerology is the science of number symbolism that is used to determine the way of life of a particular individual. This science is used to tell a person’s strengths talents, inner needs, emotions, obstacles of life and future occurrences. Numerology works on the basis that everything in the world vibrates at a given frequency and therefore finding the vibration frequency helps one to ascertain the strength of the frequency and subsequently people’s character and personalities.

It is a tool that is used to examine the being of an individual and establish their greatest potential and weaknesses in all planes of life

The name that a person is given at birth has a given meaning, number and frequency. The sound effect of the name given has a pattern associated to it and also has some expectations. The letters of an individual’s name corresponds to numbers that are associated with particular energies which then culminate to the full energy and impact of a name.

According to numerology the first name determines a person’s personality, thought patterns and desire. The surname is responsible for their characteristics, family influence and heredity. The combination of the two names determines the destiny of the individual.

The numerology name is important in the ascertaining whether an individual’s life will become successful, peaceful, and complete or vice versa. This is responsible for the people that one attracts into their life and the quality of persons one gets to associate with. The numerology name also indicates the kind of life opportunities, threats and experiences that one goes through in their entire life.

The numerology frequency of the date of birth could be different from that of the name given. In such a situation the birth frequency is usually given preeminence. However, it is advisable that one selects a name that is in harmony with the birth date number with exceptions of birth number four and eight. This explains why some people have the same names that are spelt differently by adding an extra character at the end or the beginning so as to make it fit the science of numerology.

Numerology does not only affect the names given at birth. When one is considering having a name change they should consult a numerology expert since this changes the frequency number and affects their destiny.

When a person decides to shorten or abbreviate their names the initial energy of their names varies and therefore changes the parameters of their destiny.

Another cycle that is used in numerology is called the essence. This timing method uses the first letters of the first , middle and last names to determine the tone of the year of birth until one attains one year old. This is then extrapolated to determine the entire period of an individual’s lifetime. An essence work sheet is usually used to help set up life records and essence changes.

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Numerology uses the names of an individual to help them understand themselves better, learn to accept the outcomes of the lives and also modify their character for their own good. One may not have the ability to change themselves but they can have a conclusive understanding of the aspects of their character and learn how to live well with them.

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