What does your name have to do with numerology?

Numerology is the science of number symbolism that is used to determine the way of life of a particular individual. This science is used to tell a person’s strengths talents, inner needs, emotions, obstacles of life and future occurrences. Numerology works on the basis that everything in the world vibrates at a given frequency and therefore finding the vibration frequency helps one to ascertain the strength of the frequency and subsequently people’s character and personalities.

It is a tool that is used to examine the being of an individual and establish their greatest potential and weaknesses in all planes of life

The name that a person is given at birth has a given meaning, number and frequency. The sound effect of the name given has a pattern associated to it and also has some expectations. The letters of an individual’s name corresponds to numbers that are associated with particular energies which then culminate to the full energy and impact of a name.

According to numerology the first name determines a person’s personality, thought patterns and desire. The surname is responsible for their characteristics, family influence and heredity. The combination of the two names determines the destiny of the individual.

The numerology name is important in the ascertaining whether an individual’s life will become successful, peaceful, and complete or vice versa. This is responsible for the people that one attracts into their life and the quality of persons one gets to associate with. The numerology name also indicates the kind of life opportunities, threats and experiences that one goes through in their entire life.

The numerology frequency of the date of birth could be different from that of the name given. In such a situation the birth frequency is usually given preeminence. However, it is advisable that one selects a name that is in harmony with the birth date number with exceptions of birth number four and eight. This explains why some people have the same names that are spelt differently by adding an extra character at the end or the beginning so as to make it fit the science of numerology.

Numerology does not only affect the names given at birth. When one is considering having a name change they should consult a numerology expert since this changes the frequency number and affects their destiny.

When a person decides to shorten or abbreviate their names the initial energy of their names varies and therefore changes the parameters of their destiny.

Another cycle that is used in numerology is called the essence. This timing method uses the first letters of the first , middle and last names to determine the tone of the year of birth until one attains one year old. This is then extrapolated to determine the entire period of an individual’s lifetime. An essence work sheet is usually used to help set up life records and essence changes.

Even your address number has a profound effect on your well-being and how you feel in your home. Simply add the numbers in your address together until the number is one digit (for example 4353 Main St. would be 4+3+5+3 = 15 = 1+5 = 6). Our partners at Anything Goes Moving Company Frisco TX understand this well, as they have stories of helping folks move out of a home simply because they didn’t enjoy the effect of their house numbers. Their clients said that in their new homes, with more harmonious addresses, they felt much more at ease!

Numerology uses the names of an individual to help them understand themselves better, learn to accept the outcomes of the lives and also modify their character for their own good. One may not have the ability to change themselves but they can have a conclusive understanding of the aspects of their character and learn how to live well with them.



What’s up with the number 23, anyway?

The number 23, also called the enigma, describes the bizarre way that the number 23 crops up in almost every significant and unexpected place. The number 23 is closely related to the Discordian Law of Fives which provides that everything in one way or another is connected to the number five.

The enigma 23 was first introduced into public scrutiny by a writer known as William S. Burroughs who, during his itinerary in Tangiers, met a captain called Clark. Captain Clark was a pilot of a ferry to Spain. He confessed to Burroughs that he had been piloting his ferry on the same route for twenty three years and had not had any accident. Unfortunately, that same day Captain Clark’s ferry sank.

That evening while Burroughs was mulling over the strange sinking of Captain Clark’s ferry, he heard from the radio that there was a crash of Flight 23 from New York to Miami. Interestingly, the pilot of the plane was also known as Captain Clark.

William Burroughs then decided to keep a scrapbook which he used to detail the odd synchronicity of the number 23. Today there is widespread belief that there is some air of mysticism that surrounds that number. Sample these:

–A 17th century biblical scholar, one Bishop Usher, after much study of the Old Testament part of the bible came to the conclusion that the earth was created on the 23rd October 4004 BC. Strangely, according to the Mayan prophecy, the world was supposed to end on exactly 23rd December 2012.

–It is a biological fact that each parent contributes 23 chromosomes to a fertilized egg.

–The blood takes 23 seconds to circulate throughout the whole body.

–The human body has 23 vertebrae.

–23 happens to be the first prime number in which both digits add up to another prime number.

–The Latin alphabet has 23 letters.

–William Shakespeare was allegedly born on a 23rd April. He also, reportedly, died on a 23rd April aged 46 years old in 1610. Now, 46 is double 23. 1610 was also the year that the King James Version of the Bible was published.

–Now, about the Bible, the most notable verse of the book of Psalms is Psalm 23.

Confirmation Bias

Robert Anton Wilson said that the 23 enigma could be an example of confirmation bias. That means that if you begin looking for something, you will eventually get it. Besides, the mind has been proven to perceive truth in virtually everything. Wilson, the author of Illuminatus! Trilogy, continues to say that a person can find numerological significance in anything so long as they have sufficient cleverness.

The number 23 has come to be deemed as an extremely unlucky number. It is often associated with death, discord and disaster. Very many people have associated it to the demise of powerful people and collapse of societies. That is why the term ’23 skidoo’ became popular in the early 1920s. The term means that it is time to leave when the getting is good.

While others believe that there really is some spiritual or mystic significance to the number 23, some other people believe that the significance in the number will be found because people search and expect to find it there.

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Our Namesake: The Number 666

“Is the number 666 really evil/sign of the beast?” How often do you come across this question? The number 666 is one that invokes controversy, fear, and is misunderstood by many people. To some, more so the Christians, it is seen as a devilish sign, while others (Muslims) see it as a holy number. For many centuries, scholars, religious teachers, astronomers, code readers have tried to demystify the number. Is it really evil or just a myth that has been passed on from generation to generation? In fact, the mystery surrounding this number has led to many books, documentaries, and movies based on it. And a great divide has erupted between religious sects as each side takes a strong stand.

Why Do Some People Say it’s Evil?
Talk or mention the number “666” to a Christian and what comes to mind is the Devil. According to the Bible, which is the holy book for Christians, the number symbolizes the “mark of the Beast” also known as Satan. He will in the last days cause havoc and destruction to mankind and the only way a person will be able to survive is having the number permanently stamped or tattooed on either the right hand or forehead. Anyone who defies this rule/order will be unable to purchase goods or services and may be tortured to death. The number was decoded or deciphered from “Revelation”, the final book in the Bible which talks about the end of the world. In Rev 13:18, Christians are told to be weary of the number/mark of the beast which is Six hundred threescore [and] six or simply 666.

Why Some See It as NOT Evil
While some people see the number to be symbolic of the beast that will bring suffering to the world, some are of a different opinion. In fact, they say that the “Mark of the Beast” should be 616 and not 666. The earlier scholars or readers erred while deciphering the coded writings. A closer look at the Quran, the Holy Book for Muslims, and the number 666 shouldn’t be feared but rather respected. When the symbols are decoded based on Arabic writings, the number spells out “Bismillah” which means “in the name of Allah or God”. Many Muslims or believers of Islam believe that 666 is a holy number and signify purity. They also believe that the ideology of it being Evil was created by some people who wanted to derail the doctrines and teachings as inspired by “God.”

Why the Great Controversy?
To some, the number 666 is evil while to others it’s not. It all comes to deciphering codes. In early days, codes were used to symbolize things and events, and were seen as a good way of stopping evil from spreading. Unfortunately, the mode of coding is to be blamed for the controversies, myths, and lack of clarity. For instance, it’s said that the early bible was written in Greek hence the symbols were Greek. However, Christians decoded the ancient writings using Hebrew while Muslims used Arabic, and each language bringsout a different meaning. In 2005, after decoding some Egyptian writings believed to be related to the biblical prophecy, the sign of the beast turned out to be 616 and not 666. “Is the number 666 really evil/sign of the beast?” You tell me!

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Ways you can use basic numerology

Do you ever think seriously about numbers? Yes, they are meaningful and it is not by coincidence that a particular pattern always follows you. Think of your birthday and you will notice that there is something unique about the numerals in it. Someone once said, “There is power in numbers and if only we knew to understand them”.

There are those who claim some luck or unlucky numbers in their lives. For you, which are these numbers that bring luck or spell doom? This article appreciates the power of numerals and thus reveals some ways to use basic numerology;

Using numbers to make a decision or plan for an event

Numbers are magical and have a way of passing a message. If you have some numbers that keep following you then you need to read in between the lines. Take time to analyse the pattern of these numbers and use them to make a decision or set a date for an event.

Understand people using numbers

You would be able to live well with your family and friends if you understood them better. But is there a better way to understand each of the people in your social circles than using numbers? For instance, take a look at their zodiac signs and the numbers in them. For instance, someone with Leo sign would love fun and being pampered. Look at numbers that keep popping in your way when you are with someone and you will solve the mystery of understanding those close to you even before they open up to you.

Connecting with your spiritual guides

When you are walking to work or even when taking a leisure walk in your neighborhood, you may be treated to a constant appearance of numbers. Trees and objects are forming patterns of numbers. That is a message for you. You can use this chance to explore your spiritual life and lead a better life. Appreciate those numbers when they appear and open your door to your inner being.

Numbers can be sending danger warnings

Every time before something bad happens to you some combination of numbers may keep appearing. It has been happening for some time but you have never taken notice. It is not a coincidence at all; you are being warned of an imminent danger. Get away from a place or leave what you are doing if such numbers keep appearing. They never happen every time but only when you are in danger.

Use your lucky numbers when you bet

If you are in betting you may be luckier if you can find an easy way around numbers. There are those numbers that usually appear when you are about to strike a lucky streak. Use them as you make bets. People will be amazed by your easy ways to pick numbers.

Numbers are indispensable in your life. They tend to send messages in a coded way and if you can decipher them your life would be better. Learn to pay attention to patterns of numbers in your life. They may be your lucky codes to keep you winning and leading a happy life.

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What IS Numerology? And can it help you live a better life?

Numerology is a belief that there is a divine relation between numbers and an individual. Numerology associates someone with a certain number and it is believed that everyone has a specific number attached to them and that knowledge of this number will help you live a better life. It is not clear when numerology existed although believers in numerology have existed as early as 470 B.C. In fact Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician is known to be the father of modern numerology.

It is believed that through numerology, one is able to know their full character. They are able to know all their strengths and weaknesses. By knowing numerology, one is able to live a better, fuller life. The knowledge of numerology and the power to associate certain events with numbers can be of great help when making major decisions. Such decisions include embarking on a certain career path, hiring employees, the best time to marry and even whether to change jobs or not. In fact, numerology can help you understand the people you work with or live with better. This can help you improve on difficult work relationships.

For you to understand how numerology can help you live a better life, you first have to understand how numerology works. Numerology works like some sort of a formula. The formula requires you to find your life path number. The knowledge of your life path number will help you understand yourself and make decisions better because certain character traits are associated with these life path numbers. There are eleven life path numbers. These are 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 and 22. You need your full names and your birth date to know your life path number. Summation of numbers associated with your birth date helps you know your life path number. Summation of numbers of your full name will help you know more about your personality. Below is an insight into what each life path number means as per an individual’s personality.

Life path number one.

These are individuals who is very confident about themselves. They know what they want and go after them with a single-minded vision.

Life path number two.

Individuals with life path number two are easy going, comforting and nurturing. They make good parents, teachers and mentors.

Life path number three.

These are individuals who are talkative, outgoing. They have a persuasive and engaging nature that makes them extremely fun to be with.

Life path number four.

These are individuals who are best s=described as strict followers of the book. They live by the rules and keep their goals in mind at all times.

Life path number five.

These are individuals who like things that are rare and uncommon. They are open minded and take time to learn and accept things which are unacceptable such as cults.

Life path number six.

These are individuals who are easy going. They are not up tight but they know how to achieve the right balance of equilibrium.

Life path number seven.

These are individuals who are extremely psychic. They thirst for knowledge which pushes them to learn more, read more and generally acquire more knowledge.

Life path number eight.

These are individuals who are go-getters. People who strive to achieve great things.

Life path number nine.

These are individuals who are humanitarians. They care about the welfare of others.

Life path number eleven.

These are individuals who guided by their sense of truth and justice.

Life path number twelve.

These are individuals who combines all the best traits of all preceding life path numbers.

Knowledge of your life path number will thus help you live a better life and make better decisions. It goes without saying that numerology helps you become a better you and helps you make better decisions that will help improve your life.



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Short Video

Is the number 666 really the number of the beast? Is this based in fact or fiction? More to come! But this video offers an interesting perspective in the mean time.